Current work

Paul has expertise and broad experience in sustainability.

Paul's at his best when advising organisations on establishing the right approach - being strategic - then guiding business on the tactics to maximise commercial, social and environmental benefits.

Current assignments include:

  • Chairing of conferences and workshops (including facilitation) - clients include Ecobuild, Volvo Group, BRE, Cygnus Homes, Peabody and the London Borough of Bexley (see photo on left).
  • Designing a methodology for a major infrastructure company to assess its' assets resilience to future climate change 
  • Review of activities and bench-marking to reset approach to environment and sustainability for a FTSE company
  • Customer engagement: Advocacy campaign to customers and end-users based on carbon mitigation leadership, creating a competitive point of difference for an international brand
  • B2B engagement: Helping sales teams and marketing and comms better understand their product's total benefits rather than selling just its technical performance, and designing an engagement programme with specifiers
  • New product development for a UK startup: Creating a business strategy (specifically - finance, customer and supply chain engagement) for a new construction product based on its quality and sustainability performance
  • Winning public sector work: Successfully advising a business on how to maximise their scoring on social value and environmental questions on a £85 million pound public works contract and reviewing their submission
  • Supporting a major international charity in its' work on climate change, particularly in reducing emissions in the EU's industrial sector

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Dr Paul Toyne chairing an event at the GLA's City Hall.