Corporate Sustainability

Paul is  an experienced executive leading and advising organizations on how to deliver their sustainability goals by:

  • Providing strategic direction to deliver sustainability objectives and goals;
  • Establishing processes to monitor, manage and mitigate risks, or equally maximise opportunities;
  • Spearheading innovations that increase revenue;
  • Disclosing sustainability performance internally to staff and externally to analysts and investors, clients, suppliers and regulators;
  • Effective communication to drive change internally and with all stakeholders;
  • Managing and monitoring stakeholder engagements;
  • Enhancing organisational reputation and value of the brand through the above.


Areas of expertise include:

  • ‘future’ cities;
  • sustainable construction;
  • climate change and energy;
  • life cycle assessments and responsible sourcing;
  • resource efficiency and the circular economy;
  • biodiversity conservation and environmental impact assessments;
  • corporate governance reporting, assurance and environmental management systems;
  • designing community investment programmes that deliver social value outcomes;
  • stakeholder engagement and facilitation;  
  • policy development and advocacy, and ;
  • media and communications (including internal and external campaigning).
Supporting participants of the Get into programme of The Prince's Trust
Supporting participants of the 'Get into programme' ran by The Prince's Trust.
Staff engagement: Helping to organise staff volunteering days
Staff engagement: Participating in staff volunteering days.