London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC)

Appointed as a London Sustainable Development Commissioner by Boris Johnson in 2010, and re-appointed by Sadiq Khan in 2017 Paul is proud to contribute to the Mayor's efforts to make London a sustainable city, and simply a better place to live.

His work has been across a number of priorities for the Greater London Authority. 

In 2015-16, Paul was a member of circular economy working group and co-chaired the development of a "route-map for CE in London" working closely with London Waste and Recycling Board and its many stakeholders.

At the same time,  he was the LSDC representative on the strategic visioning and planning of Old Oak Common and Park Royal (Europe's largest brownfield regeneration project); and working on 'clean tech' cluster opportunities both in Old Oak and other areas of London.

In 2012 and 2017 Paul was Chair of LSDC’s Quality of Life Indicators Group and oversaw its reporting of the analysis of socio-economic and environmental indicators that define quality of life.

The LSDC recommended to the Greater London Authority the need for a new standard for measuring city-wide carbon emissions. Subsequently, Paul became a member of the  technical committee that developed the carbon standard PAS2070.

Paul chaired of London’s ‘Access to Nature for children’ Steering Group which oversaw the publication of Sowing the Seeds. Many of its recommendations have been incorporated in London policy This took Paul back to his roots; as a boy he roamed the wilds of Richmond Park and the wildlife by the banks of the River Thames; these experiences nurtured an interest in wildlife that has shaped his career.

It has been a great privilege for Paul to support the London Leaders programme mentoring individual Leaders helping them realise their projects goals - from making better use of used coffee grounds to London first hydroponic farm - it has been fascinating!