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Paul is often asked to provide thought-leadership articles and opinion pieces for the media and organisations seeking to promote and stimulate debate on sustainable development. In the publication section, articles can also be found on a range of subjects from the built environment to corporate social responsibility. A selection of blogs are provided below.

Banning hybrid cars by 2040 – good or bad for carbon reductions?

By Paul Toyne | May 8, 2018

Banning hybrid cars by 2040 – good or bad for climate reductions? Over the weekend I read with amazement the negative response to the suggestion that around 98% of the existing new vehicle market will no longer be sold within the next 22 years, including hybrids – as might be proposed in a cross-UK government…

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Is your business climate resilient, do you know what your climate-related risks are?

By Paul Toyne | May 2, 2018

Is your business climate resilient, do you know what your climate-related risks are? Whilst more still needs to be done to reduce our carbon emissions and manage a global temperature rise of 1.50 – 20 Celsius, have you thought about how future climate change impacts will affect your business? Investors are increasingly concerned that businesses…

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Can modular housing help fix the housing crisis?

By Paul Toyne | February 5, 2018

Can modular housing help fix the crisis in our housing market? In the UK we have a chronic shortage of new homes. Around another 240,000 homes are required each year for the next decade to keep up with needs. These houses need to be affordable and good quality. From my perspective quality new homes should…

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Why 2018 must be the year for faster, deeper carbon reductions!

By Paul Toyne | January 4, 2018

Why 2018 must be the year for faster, deeper carbon reductions! The global picture Back in December 2015 the Paris Agreement further emphasised the political need to establish low carbon economies to restrict the Earth from warming a further 20 Celsius. However, greater urgency and action for deeper faster carbon reductions are required. Why? A…

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Construction Climate Challenge London Seminar: Event Roundup

By Paul Toyne | December 22, 2017

Volvo UK, in conjunction with the Green Construction Board Infrastructure Working Group brought together the supply chains of major infrastructure clients  to understand how through the PAS 2080 standard they could reduce carbon emissions and reduce costs. PAS2080, issued by the UK Government’s Construction Leadership Council and the Green Construction Board, is the world’s first specification aimed…

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How do we gain customer trust in new homes? Building quality homes might help……

By Paul Toyne | October 7, 2017

That was the rather depressing question I came away with after a day chairing the Build4Quality conference organised by the BRE. Why should house-buyers not trust house-builders? Are they any worse than politicians, bankers and other professionals that are also mistrusted by the society? At the conference Adam Challis from JLL asked whether our buildings…

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Emerging trends in property and innovations to support a sustainable built environment

By Paul Toyne | June 19, 2017

Original article posted on LinkedIn] Which innovations driven by sustainability, and enabled by technology are going to impact on the facilities management profession?  This was the topic  for my recent lecture at the ThinkFM conference “Facilities management in a more connected world” for the British Institute of Facilities Management ( It is a huge topic, here…

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Three reasons why improving commericial property for health & well being is here to stay

By Paul Toyne | April 28, 2017

Please click on the link below to find my article published on Building4Change website. THe content is based on my main observations from chairing a day conference for BRE and EVORA at ARUP in London on improving existing commercial property for health and well being. Click here to read If you are looking for an…

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Health and well being in offices: will it be a game changer

By Paul Toyne | April 27, 2017

Prior to chairing a conference on ‘Healthy Buildings: How to improve health and well being in your existing commercial properties’ I wrote this blog – published on my LinkedIn page – setting out why the topic was important. Click here to read

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Time to get serious: Low carbon, low cost in infrastructure! My 5 top tips

By Paul Toyne | December 6, 2016

I chaired a fascinating seminar on “reducing carbon in infrastructure”, it was organised by Volvo Construction Equipment as part of the Construction Climate Challenge programme. My “TOP 5” takeaways from the day were the following: 1. Zero carbon by 2050 and 1 day. What do I mean by that? Well, the UK Climate Change Act…

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"Future London plans and sustainability" at London Build 2016 - Oct. 2016

  • Paul Toyne chaired the conference on "Future London plans and sustainability" at LondonBuild Expo at Olympia last week. This blog is Paul's opening remarks adapted to include information on a current consultation to consider the Future of London.

Opinion Piece - Leadership in sustainability July 2016

  • This blog explores the need for leadership within the corporate sector to drive changes that can create environmental and social benefit. It also makes the case that we all need to be leaders, rather than expect others to lead us.

Interview With Paul Toyne, Group Head Of Sustainability At Balfour Beatty - Sept. 2015

  • In this article Paul is interviewed by Allen & York Technical recruitment Blog. - "As part of our series of Global Sustainability Leader Interviews, ALLEN & YORK were delighted to interview, Paul Toyne, Group Head of Sustainability at Balfour Beatty - about how he became involved in sustainability and his advice for those entering their sustainability career."

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