Dr Paul Toyne is often asked for his views and opinions on sustainability, the built environment and specific issues like climate change. Paul “cut his teeth” on campaigning on nature conservation, natural resource use and highlighting the issues of climate change whilst at WWF and at Article 13 Ltd.  A selection of clips of these vintage TV and film appearances are provided below, together with more recent footage on the importance of reducing carbon and environmental impacts in the infrastructure and construction.

Speaking: Dr Paul Toyne lecture on global carbon emissions

This video shows a seminar of Dr. Paul Toyne, expert on environment issues and sustainable development, providing the overview and context in session 1 of an international conference on carbon reductions in infrastructure: The Road to Carbon Neutral Infrastructure. Topic: Climate change: current carbon emissions and why we must cut carbon emissions. CCC summit, 18th

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What needs to be done to achieve carbon neutral instructure

Paul was moderator for the international conference on carbon neutral infrastructure as part of the series of Construction Climate Challenge summits. In this video clip directly after the conference gives him reaction to the conference and what needs to happen next to deliver carbon neutrality.  Filmed on 19th June 2018. Other interviews are available on

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The opportunity for low carbon construction: CCC In this video, produced by the Construction Climate Challenge as a specialist video talk, Dr Paul Toyne describes the need and the opportunity for sustainable construction and how there is a need to restore the Earth’s balance by restoring its ecosystems and using resources more wisley. July 2016.  

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Main takeaways from the TEPFFA forum

The TEPFFA Forum held in April 2018 brought together the European plastic piping businesses to discuss the direction of European policy and how the industry was helping the United Nations’s Sustainable Development goals. Paul chaired the meeting and afterwards he provided his thoughts on the event.

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