Advising: Using the UN sustainable development goals as a reporting framework

Paul has advised three organisation looking at how best to apply the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

For an international multi-services company, Paul was asked to assess the possibilities of using the UN SDGs as a framework for place-making for a brownfield development. Using the Goals to set objectives and targets and designing an effective evaluation process so the learning could be used on other development opportunities. Paul reviewed the scheme, assessed how its development and the SDG were aligned and provided examples of outcomes could be measured as a result. This work was presented to the company’s board as a new way of framing the companies commitment to sustainable development, and to conceptualise the value from an integrated approach with several of its companies working together on regeneration projects.

In his capacity as a non-executive directive with Redmond Group Paul worked with the HSQE director to identify 11 goals that the company were delivered to and design a reporting framework to track annual progress.

As a London Sustainable Development Commissioner, Paul is leading the alignment of the Quality of Life reporting (33 socio-economic and environmental indicators measuring London’s progress in sustainable development) with the SDGs. The aim is to advise the Mayor how best London should report in the future, with the plan to start in 2019.

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