Paul is a much sought-after chair of conferences and workshops. He can either support the whole event management which includes advising on content and format, selecting the right speakers and managing their content to ensure the sessions flow aided with the presentations, audience participation – including the use of technology. Alternatively, he has enough experience that after a briefing, he can prepare for the event and chair on the day. Paul is especially good at engaging with the audience to explore the issues, so maximising delegates’ experience. 

Paul provides independent chairing and facilitation for private meetings. Often Paul’s clients want to explore an issue and be able to contribute to the meeting without feeling they are leading the discussion. Paul’s expertise and broad background allows him to facilitate such meetings. Topics that Paul has recently chaired include; ‘the role of the River Thames for future transportation’, ‘quality house building’ and ‘responding to the London Plan’s resource management objectives’.

Clients include: Ecobuild, Volvo Group, Anglian Water, Willmott Dixon, Cory Riverside Energy, BRE, London Borough of Bexley, Cygnus Homes, Insulation Manufacturer’s Association, Peabody, TEPFFA and the Children’s International Fund Foundation.

Case Study: Construction Climate Challenge conference chair

Paul is chair for a series of conferences (2016, 2017 and 2018) on behalf of the Construction Climate Challenge (CCC) endorsed by the Green Construction Board and hosted by Volvo Construction. He helped design the format and content for the day, working with speakers to ensure the content was correct and flowed, so allowing good engagement with the audience. As a subject matter expert Paul was also able to ask insightful questions as well as keeping everyone to time. You can see Paul in action in several video clips in the Media section on this website and below.

In June 2018, Paul chaired the third CCC conference, this international conference hosted by the Swedish Green Building Council and Volvo had a focus on the road to carbon neutral infrastructure.

CCC Summit 2018

Paul is available for chairing of conferences and meetings. If you are planning your next big event then please do get in touch. 

Case Study: Chairing supply chain and staff sustainability conferences

Paul is able to support events that need effective chairing and less of his input in their preparation. Paul regularly helps businesses with supply chain conferences. For example, with Cygnus Homes, an off-site modular house builder, Paul was asked to give a keynote lecture on the housing market and chair the conference. Typically, Paul requires a briefing to better understand the objectives of the meeting and the audience and then he is ready.  

Alternatively, Paul can help with the preparation and design of the conference. This involves helping with the content, speaker selection, reviewing the material and the format. Agreeing the main outcomes that the client wants to achieve from the event. This type of preparation delivers better results, and in this role Paul has helped a number of companies. For example, Paul chaired the construction company Willmott Dixon’s sustainability day.  Over 400 people comprising of their clients, suppliers and staff attended.  The day was designed so that could all contribute ideas as to how the company could improve its business.

 Paul is available for chairing and facilitation assignments. If you are a business wanting to place sustainability at the heart of the business and planning your next event then please do get in touch. 

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I would like to thank you for excellent moderation of the Construction Climate Challenge event in Birmingham event. Your expertise and professional leadership was a strong contributor to a successful event!
Paul Fennessey
volvo construction equipment
I have worked with Paul on a number of occasions, namely when he has been chairing various events or focused round tables. Paul is energetic, knowledgeable and asks the right questions, making debate lively, relevant and interesting. He keeps discussions moving and ensures everyone in the audience is involved. Great person to work with.
Gwyn Roberts
Paul did a great job hosting our suppliers conference. The purpose of the event was to enthuse and consolidate our supply chain and Paul’s contribution was invaluable in ensuring that we more than met our objectives for the day. Not only did he keep everyone to time but also as chair asked probing questions to the speakers that stimulated a healthy discussion with our supply chain and helped broaden the collective understanding of our aims and drivers.
Roger Walker
MD Cygnus homes
Paul hosted our Place and Making Institute information event at City Hall. It was a brilliant morning, with huge levels of enthusiasm and energy in the room, and we've received fantastic feedback following the event. Paul's enthusiasm and expertise was very much valued and helped to make the event so successful.
John Ferry
Head Of Marketing & Comms, London Borough of bexley
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