Writer and independent researcher

Paul is an accomplished thought-leader in sustainability, writing and blogging on various sites and for publications. Paul has written on a range of subjects from sustainable construction, smart cities, climate change, forest management, nature conservation, biodiversity and ecology. These publications can be found under publications in the Blog page and a list of them is available here.

Please see blog section for Paul’s latest views.

Paul is also commissioned by companies and associations to conduct original research and author white papers that seek to stimulate debate, publicity and create business opportunities. 

Case Study: Market dynamics of the EU cement sector

Paul was commissioned by the CIFF (the Children’s International Fund Foundation) to provide an overview of the EU cement market. CIFF fund work on climate change and the cement sector is responsible for significant carbon emissions. The report looked at the opportunities to transform the sector.

Paul is currently advising CIFF on strategies to influence the decarbonization of heavy industries.

Paul is available to provide independent research, articles and commentary to engage your employees, clients and supply chain on issues that matter to your business. 

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