Paul provides keynote lectures and regularly joins panel discussions to discuss a range of environmental and sustainability issues within business. Topics range from how to develop corporate strategies, through to science based targets and the circular economy.

A list of his lectures can be accessed here.

Recent lectures have focused on carbon emissions in the EU building sector, climate resilience and modular construction for house building. Video of Paul’s  conferences lectures and television appearances can be accessed here.

Paul is available to speak on a range of issues that effect the built environment such, as well as specifically environmental and sustainability issues. 


Paul is an exceptional speaker and did an excellent job describing the need to adapt our urban environments and make them climate resilient at our TEPPFA Forum 2018 in Brussels. His lecture explained the science and latest innovations, inspiring and provoking debate about what we can do within our sector.
Ludo Debever
general manager, teppfa

Case Study: Climate change and the emissions gap

Paul provided a keynote lecture on the state of current climate and the current emissions gap at the latest Construction Climate Challenge conference in Sweden June 2018.  Paul explained what meeting the Paris Agreement means and how  important the built environment is if we are to manage global atmospheric temperatures below a 2 degree Celsius rise. The lecture is available to watch here


Paul is a very accomplished speaker. He brings technical expertise and knowledge, and delivers the content in a way that is accessible to the whole audience. His talk provided the context and really helped set the scene for the rest of the conference.
Magnus Baarnhielm
manager construction climate challenge, Volvo group

Paul is available for  speaking engagements, please do get in touch

For more case studies click here


Paul provided a very well balanced informative and objective keynote lecture addressing the failures in housing market and the solutions required, including the role modular housing and products such as those produced by Cygnus Homes can play.
Roger Walker
Ceo & Founder CYGNUS HOMES

Paul is an exceptional speaker and did an excellent job describing the need to adapt our urban environments and making them more climate resilient at our TEPPFA Forum 2018 in Brussels. Paul also added great value as our chair and moderator. 

Ludo Debever
GEneral manager, TEPpfa
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