Range extension of both rare woolly monkey and the tree that provided its food!


There is an interesting story associated to this paper. Colin Taylor – now famous for being the only PC on the Sicily Islands with a book (2016) and huge twitter following – and Paul Toyne were cutting a trial in the jungle when they heard a troupe of monkeys above in the emergent trees. It turned out to be several woolly monkeys. The adults then started to throw fruit the size of a peach at us, probably to warn us off because they had small young with them. The fruit was collected together with leaf and bark samples from the tree and ┬ásent them to Kew Gardens for identification. A few months later Professor Terry Pennington replied writing that it was the first record for this tree species – a sapotaceae – in Ecuador. It had previously been only found between Costa Rica and Colombia. So if the monkey had not thrown the fruit the discovery would never have been made!

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